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I'll give you personal, instant feedback on your English in stress-free environment! Book a trial lesson on this page, and start speaking and improving your English today.

  • Start speaking without fear during our 20 minute trial lesson
  • Get personal tips for improving your English
  • Download the free IELTS Speaking Tips Guide
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total without discount:  $15

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Here's What Our Students Say

"I decided to take lessons with Vanessa because she is a kind, friendly and very excellent teacher with a clear American accent. Vanessa helped me in the correct pronunciation, correct grammar rules and self confidence. If you're thinking about taking Vanessa's lessons, it's a very great idea. She will give to you video before each lesson to prepare well for a lesson."



“I have been looking for an English teacher for a quite long time, and when I saw one of Vanessa's lessons on YouTube I knew she is the one. The lessons are very interesting and I absolutely loved the way she was speaking and explaining things. I am Vanessa student for a while now. She is always punctual and prepared for the class, she provides additional material for the lessons, helpful advices, and offers very useful and valuable feedbacks. Vanessa is very dedicated, enthusiastic, and patience teacher. If you want to improve your English skills in a natural and fun way, you should probably choose Vanessa for your teacher.”



“I decided to take lessons with Vanessa so I could provide a better service to my clients. I am an English teacher in Brazil and I wanted me and my team to keep improving our English skills. She helped us very much. Mostly with pronunciation and fitting into our repertory more practical things, such as idioms and phrasal verbs. If you’re thinking about taking lessons, just go for it. There are no downsides to it. She's a great professional.”



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and start speaking English confidently!

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Here's What Other "Speak English With Vanessa" Students Said

I do not have many opportunities to speak English and I've been looking for someone who could help me to practice the language. That's why I decided to take a trial lesson with Vanessa who totally lived up my expectations!
During the trial lesson, she could solve some doubts about some aspects of the language. The most important thing was that she motivated me during the time we spoke so that the desire of taking classes on skype has increased a lot.
If you are thinking about taking a trial lesson whatever the reasons are, do it. You'll improve your skills on the language and also you'll accomplish your goals and feeling more confident as well.

Mary |


“I decided to take lessons with Vanessa because Ι liked her video lessons and I needed to improve my communication skills. Vanessa helped me to correct my mistakes in speaking.
If you are thinking about taking Vanessa's lessons don't hesitate. It would help you to watch various video lessons on the internet but if you don't practice speaking you'll continue to feel nervous when you speak English.”

Michalis |


“I moved to US 6 months ago and even if I took many English classes I'm still uncomfortable when it comes to speak English. Vanessa helped me feel more confident since the very first lesson. After a few lessons I could speak without being stressed out and I'm able to pay more attention to my pronunciation. Vanessa showed me different medias and topics before and during the English lesson - videos, cartoons, pictures. We share about general topics -  like what you could have for dinner. And, as I'm ready to look for a job now, we also have conversations on professional topics. Time flies by fast with Vanessa!”

Nathalie |


I decided to take lessons with Vanessa because I wanted just to practice speaking, but then I realized that it's helpful for other areas too.
Vanessa helped me a lot on my pronunciation and confidence. She is very open-minded so we have discussed about a lot of topics. This has helped me improving the language and feeling it more natural.
She is passionate about teaching and very patient, this is evident since the first lesson. What I like most about her lessons is that she doesn't try to patronize you and impose her methods or ideas. Instead, she really listens to your feedback and she constantly adapt on what works better for you. I think the lessons are worth it, and I recommend her because she's very professional and easy-going.

Alex |


I saw some videos of Vanessa and I want to confirm if she would help me, and this class I could prove that yes it is the way to my fluency in English.
She helped me with some tips, identified the point that I need to work, and made me want to even speak fluent.
To English learners, they at least try, if that is their focus on speaking English, very worth it.

Fabricio |


Vanessa has always led the class into comfortable and funny atmosphere. We could talk on all kinds of subjects spontaneously. There's no restrict. We could just chat in light mood. I could feel free in speaking especially because she was patient. She really awoke my speaking ability that was sleeping in my deeps to be awaken by a sensible teacher. She was wonderful helper. Sometimes she had prepared teas or cookies, and the class was full of warmth and friendship, become so nice memory of mine.

Tim |




In a stress-free environment, we will talk about your English language background, your English goals, and your current level. I will give you personal feedback, tips, and also recommend some resources that you can use in your self-study.


You can cancel the lesson 24 hours before the lesson with a full refund. If you cancel less than 24 hours before the lesson or you don't come to the lesson, there will be no refund.


You need to download Skype on your computer, phone, or mobile device. A webcam is not required, but if you have one, it's nice to see each other for better communication.


If you can understand 70% of this video and this page, then you have the right level for our Skype lessons.


Each lesson pack includes three things:

1) I will send you the lesson materials before the class.
2) We will have five 30 or 55 minute private lessons.
3) I will send you a feedback document after the lesson which includes sample sentences using the expressions we talked about during the lesson.

Package A is $125 for five 30 minute lessons, or $200 for five 55 minute lessons.